Facade Loan Program


Facade Loan Program

How do I start the process?

- Pick up an application at SECED office located at 112 West Elm

- Call SECED office at 719-336-3850 and request an application be mailed to you

- Submit application to SECED office

Please note: Only completed applicants will be reviewed by loan committee.

What can my business use the funds for?

- Affixed signage

- Window lettering

- Store-front awnings

- New windows

- New entry door

- Exterior painting

- Other exterior improvements

Additional Information

- Possible maximum loan amount of $5,000

- 0% Interest for maximum of 3 years

- Before and after picture to be submitted

- Copies of receipts to be submitted after work is completed

How will my application be evaluated?

- Management abilities

- Financial condition of the business and its owners

- Sufficient collateral

- Availability of funds (application may be subject to competitive review)

- Ability to repay loan

- Community benefit

Please click below to download our:

Facade Loan Brochure
Facade Applicaion
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