Technical Assistance


SECED contracts with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to coordinate and assist local governments in technical planning and management. Grant funds are made available through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to help communities achieve their goals, improve physical conditions, and improve leadership and governing capacity.

SECED assists DOLA by helping identify, qualify and assist applicants for potential funding. Local Governments wishing to apply for Energy Impact Grant funds are invited to contact SECED staff regarding any grant application process. SECED provides technical assistance, coordination and staffing for local impact teams as needed at no charge. SECED does monitor regional energy/mineral industries and resulting socio-economic impacts.

SECED assists the State in developing and updating community profiles on an annual basis and reporting on community issues, events, activities and organizational changes to the department.

SECED assists state agencies and local governments in establishing the number of eligible production energy/mineral employees within the region to be used in the determination of the direct distribution of severance tax funds.